Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: Nancy's Sweater, and WTF

At long last I have finished this sweater for my friend Nancy.  Unfortunately, she's significantly smaller than me, so I can't model it for you.  This is the best I can do for a FO photo:

I am really worried that this is way too small for her...  I guess it's hard to tell from the photo but the sleeves look like doll sleeves.  They fit my forearm only, but then again I always have trouble with sleeves being too tight.  I don't want to say the word "arm-flaps", but you know what I mean. I wove in the ends but didn't trim them, in case it's necessary to reknit the shoulder area.  I'm not sure I followed the pattern correctly for decreasing the lace panel on the shoulder, but I think it came out ok:

Anyway the only way to find out if this sweater is a success is for Nancy to try it on, but it may be a while before that can happen.  I was hoping to send a box out today, but it is now THREE days since I blocked the sweater and it's still not dry.  Oh yeah I love Singapore weather.  Certain things, like towels and apparently worsted-weight wool, will simply never dry unless you keep them in air-con or direct sunlight.  Neither of which is possible for me to do for this sweater.

This sweater project has been dragging on for quite some time.  Here are some previous posts about it, and you can check my ravelry page for details.

In other news, I caught this local news story from my home town - "Cincinnati Police arrested an Addyston man Saturday morning for stealing two knitting needles out of a car."  Are things really that bad in Cincy these days?  They don't mention that any yarn was taken, so the man was either extremely confused or a knitter in crisis (maybe he couldn't get the right gauge?).  Assuming the man was confused, what could he have mistaken the needles for that would have been valuable enough to steal???


  1. oh that is priceless! I am in Columbus, IN just a couple of hours from your hometown. Howdy sorta neightbor. Good luck with the drying in Singapore weather!

  2. If it's too small, I guess I'll just have to lose weight, because this is too, too pretty not to wear. Thank you so much Crystal!!!!