Sunday, January 23, 2011

WIP roundup

I am kinda-almost-technically stashless right now, since I sent my first box of stuff home in anticipation of moving back at the end of next month.
I sent almost all of my non-WIP yarn back and knitting books too.  Honestly, though, I started several new projects before I packed up the box, just to make sure that I'd have crafty stuff to do for the next two months.

There were also some older WIPs lying that I picked back up now that all my Christmas knitting is done.  For example, these socks are for the bf, in a cotton sock yarn.
Diamond Gansey Socks
The pattern for these socks is from Wendy's book,but I made the heel flap much longer.  I should have made the foot a wee bit longer too but as this yarn is mostly cotton it might stretch anyway.

I've had a skein of Rio de la Plata sock yarn marinating in my yarn box for a while. After reading the reviews on Ravelry I decided not to use it for socks.  But what else to do with it? Each ply is a different color and I think that anything really lacy or cable-y would get lost.  So I cast on for another Adia scarf, since I enjoyed both the knitting and the FO before.
Adia #2
Since this yarn is smoother and less "hairy" than the alpaca yarn I used before, I think the end product is going to be a little more substantial.  We'll see.

I've also made good progress on the first pair of mittens for 2011:
Mitten Pattern 12
The photo does not do justice to how garish this color combo is - when I bought the yarn I thought the blue-green was a little darker and the pink was a little lighter.  Anyway, these are for me, and the way I see it, I will certainly have trouble losing these suckers.

I also started a shawl.  It's the first triangular shawl I've knit, because I find it hard to imagine anybody I know wearing a triangle shawl in public.  In fact the only person I know who wears any kind of shawl is myself!  I have a couple non-knit rectangular shawls that I wear at the office.

But, as they say, you can't knock it 'til you've tried it so I cast on.
Juneberry Shawl
(Forgive the funky photo - I had to fight what looked like several different species of ants for this shady spot to snap photos for today's post, and also I was getting sweat on my bf's camera.  I was in a bit of a rush.) 

I'm going to leave the shawl for plane knitting since it's on interchangeable needles with wooden tips.  I'll be going through airports in Thailand, India, and the Netherlands so I don't want to take chances - the wooden needles are unlikely to be confiscated and if they are, I can unscrew the tips and leave my project intact.  As far as the wisdom of bringing a big complicated project on the plane... Well, in my experience if the flight is more than a few hours one needs something to keep one's interest.  A plain sock, for example, is only going to keep me occupied for an hour here and there... I am not capable of knitting stockinette for ten or fifteen hours straight.

Speaking of stockinette socks, I started a pair on which I plan to try out the Fleegle heel.  I was planning to save these for plane knitting too but somehow I am nearing the gusset increases.  Woops.  I should have taken them out of my purse once I cast on!

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