Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FO: Cowl

Modelled by my charming bf.
Yarn: ???
Needle Size: 4.5 mm
I bought this yarn a few years ago at Knitter’s Connection.  I think I lost the label before I even got home.  I know that it is wool and a weight suitable for socks. And incredibly soft!   I absolutely adore the colorway – I would use any of the component colors individually and they really look great together.  Like a grey day by the sea.

 I knit a single Hourglass sock from this yarn a couple years ago, and had started the second when disaster struck.  I’ll spare the gory details, remembering them puts me in a bad mood hehe, but I ended up with less than a sock’s worth of gorgeous sock yarn and nothing to do with it.

After using up other sock yarn with a neck thing knit at a loose gauge, I decided this was the way to go.

This yarn is thinner than the pattern calls for, and the result is a very floppy cowl.  I made it a bit too long too.  Not exactly the most appealing or useful thing I’ve knit.  I wonder if throwing it in the dryer to felt it just a wee bit might help?  I’ll find out when I get to the US in March, I don’t know anyone who has a dryer here.

Anyway, it was a fun simple knit, used up apparently useless stash, and may become wearable with some finessing.

Meanwhile, bf has decided that it’s the perfect accessory to wear on his visit home to India in a couple weeks and wants to borrow it.  But wait, isn’t it really hot in India?  And, um, isn’t he a dude?  Yeah, I really don’t understand Indian men’s fashion either.  Whatever floats one’s boat.


  1. I think neither the cowl nor its color is unmanly. Besides, Indian men have a thing for wearing scarfs despite the hot climate. Watch this . You might want to enjoy this in full screen mode. Remember, I am just posting this for the sake of the scarf ;)

  2. You're right Nadine... I guess it seems girly to me because I was making it for myself. And thanks for the link to the abs, woops I mean the scarf. ;-)

  3. This cowl, is great - you should keep it for yourself. :-)