Saturday, March 20, 2010

Woops, went a long time without posting again. Well, I had a friend in town for a couple weeks, and we went to Bangkok and Langawi, Malaysia. The rest of the time I was just being lazy as usual and not taking pics.

Actually my guest is the recipient of the Lily sweater I am knitting. I am soooo glad she came before I finished it, because she tried on the WIP and the waist shaping was totally off for her body shape. I was going to have to rip back at least half of what I'd knit. On top of that, I started to worry about yarn usage (I suspect I will need that odd-dyelot skein after all) and was hating that the bottom was flipping constantly. I don't think the unruly bottom edge is a design flaw, it's more about my casting on crappily.

Anyway, long story short I decided to rip back the whole thing. The current state of the sweater is this:
I don't feel bad about ripping at all actually, because I'd rather get it done right. I think I will try doing a hem instead of purling for the bottom and see how that works out. I'm looking into details about it; making a hem is dangerously close to a sewing technique which is very scary to this girl.

Until I get the urge to plunge into that again, I've started a couple other things.

The socks I started for Ravelympics are way way behind schedule, but honestly the Ravelympics gave me a knitting mojo boost so I'm happy that I participated anyway. These will be for the bf, so I let him pick a pattern from Wendy's book. Of course, he picked my least favorite one, isn't that the way of things? Anyway, all those twisted stitches cause my hands to cramp so I never knit on it for particularly long. I must admit though, that the pattern looks very nice in this yarn, from Dream in Color.
After starting this sock I read some comments on Ravelry about this yarn being a little unruly. The color is unbelievable, absolutely the most gorgeous blue yarn I've come across. The yarn itself is probably not durable enough for socks though. I'm OK with it since we live in the tropics now, so these socks will get used only on trips, but I'm sure they wouldn't last long under regular use.

Today I cast on for the East Meets West bag. I am planning on taking, oh about a million years to complete this thing but I'm excited to do some challenging colorwork.

I had to go buy a needle for the bag project, which caused me to go find LYS Golden Dragon and check them out. I also picked up these:

Because my bf asked me to show him how to knit. I don't know whether to be excited or to go buy a lock for my stash hehehe.

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