Friday, September 11, 2009

So, I broke my promise to myself a little bit and dug into my stash, but only to get some yarn to get my sweater off the needles. I have now used half the yarn (one of the two cones I purchased), and I want to get the neckline and sleeves done before deciding how long to make the body. Since I am using interchangeable circs (specifically knitpicks), I used a trick I read on Ravelry (sorry, can't remember exactly where so I cannot properly give credit). I screwed the waste yarn into the join of the cable and needle, like so:
then knit a round. Works like a charm! Here you can see the waste yarn being pulled through as I knit:
And then, the best part, I tried on the sweater so far and Holy Moly it fits!! I shouldn't be so shocked, but as you can tell I was positively tickled.

The back has a slight pooch to it, but not bad enough that I am willing to re-do it. Besides, I don't know how to correct the problem. Start the decreases earlier? This is something I will read up on before my next sweater project.

And, I cannot believe my restraint because that "waste" yarn went right back into the stash. Here is the photographic evidence (Coke can provided for scale, and yes this is it, the only other yarn I own is WIPs):
Look at that poor yarn, it's just crying to get out.Soon, my dears, soon.

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