Thursday, September 3, 2009

The past couple days I have been ridiculously happy about my new bag. I got it at Muji - isn't it cute?

Okay, it's not exactly this season's "it" bag, but it's the exact size for what I need, and professional-looking without being stuffy. And the pockets are just right too. My purse was just too small for everyday use as a commuter bag, although it is a decent size purse, and my back was getting soaked carrying a bookbag around in all this humidity.

I am not really a bag girl, actually my current purse is several years old and I'll probably get another year out of it (unless the hole in the lining gets bigger). But, not only is my new purchase the perfect bag for me but it took so much trouble to obtain it, that I find myself overly attached.

I found this bag on Orchard Rd, an area entirely devoted to shopping malls. I didn't take any pics, but I hope to be forgiven on the basis of my complete inability to deal with such rampant consumerism. And we aren't talking about dozens of Claire's here. Anywhere with multiple Chanel and Luis Vuitton stores is not a place I should be. I find the malls here really confusing, but even in the States I think shopping malls are a pain in the ass.

I have been to the relatively small mall nearby my job several times now for groceries and still get lost. Also, the price of sneakers is ridiculously high, at least for any brand I recognize. I will have to ask someone about reasonably priced running shoes, or maybe just make do until I go home for a visit.

This afternoon I signed a lease on a room. It's in this building:

which looks pretty much like any other building in the neighborhood:

I am a little bit nervous about how things will work out. The other residents in the unit are Indian Muslims, and I have never lived with Indians or Muslims before. Also, the owner lady speaks english, I think, but her accent/dialect is so thick that I cannot understand a word that she says. I am looking at this as a cultural experience, and the lease is only 6 months so I can move if I can't deal. One of the great things about the place is that I can walk to work, and this is part of my commute:

Meanwhile, I've been chugging along on the sweater.
It's fun to just let my fingers do the work while listening to the news in the evening. I am still listening to NPR every night, just as I did in Cincy. I suspect that maintaining some of my daily rituals is what helps me deal with all the differences, and so far I haven't felt homesick at all.

Oh yeah, and I found the cheese - they are hiding it in the bread! Cheese prata is awesome!

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