Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stiches

For today's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week topic, I am going to talk about strategic project planning.  (Actually I'm running a bit behind the official timeline, but I prefer to think of it as fashionably late.)
The thing is, people can be moody and as knitting is done purely for pleasure in this era, it's a good idea to think about your own knitting moods and to make sure that you'll have something ready to go whenever the urge strikes. Otherwise you end up casting on impulsively and then having way too many projects in progress - whatever "too many" means for you. 

For me, I want all the projects I'm working on to fit into one basket.  I like to maintain the delusion of order in my stuff by knowing that everything does, in fact, have a proper place even if it is rarely there.  Although I must say I am way more organized with my knitting than most other things.

I think I struck a good balance sometime last year.  I've been much happier with the projects I've already got on the needles and have been much less likely to cast on for stuff on a whim. It's not a set-in-stone thing or even something that I actively think about, besides perhaps doing a quick mental check if I have enough diversity in my projects when updating my Ravelry notebook.

Anyway, at (almost) all times I have at least one of each of these projects going, with photos of what fits the bill currently:
  • a colorwork project, so far they have been mittens

  • a lace project

  • plain knitting, usually a stockinette sock

  • a patterned sock

  • some large, long-term project

    This doesn't mean that I force myself to knit only these things, or that I don't leave one of them in my knitting basket for long periods. But no matter what I feel like knitting, I've got something at the ready that will do.

    I certainly am not immune to impulsive knitting.  My sister asked me for a "big, hippie-dreadlock hat" though she is not a hippie and does not have dreadlocks.  I just so happened to have bought yarn recently to make her a hat, and within a couple weeks of her asking, voila:

    I want to take some photos of her wearing it this weekend before talking about all the details though.

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