Saturday, February 12, 2011

WIP roundup

Having sent most of my stash and a few WIPs ahead of me by post, I'm a bit freaked out by the relative emptiness of my knitting basket.  Two of socks waiting for mates,

a crochet scarf project with way too many ends to deal with,

a half-done scarf,

and a shawl I'm saving for the airplane.

There was a hat in there until this morning; once my hat model gets back from India, I'll post about it.

I wasn't worried about running out of knitting until my hat model aka boyfriend left Friday night.  Once I move back to US we won't see each other for quite a while, and I wasn't planning on knitting much these last couple weeks and instead spending my free time interacting with bf.  But yesterday his grandmother died and within hours he was at the airport headed back to India.  Even so he just barely made it to the funeral.  In total he'll be gone almost a week.

It seems he's been living at the airport this month, having just come back from a trip to India a couple weeks ago, and having taken a trip with me over Chinese New Year to Phuket and Kuala Lumpur. We got the bag in the background of the photos above in Phuket, can you tell I think it's really cute? I suppose I should show some photos of our trip, but they're still in my camera so perhaps the next post.

Anyway, this trip is going to be tough for bf, facing the death of a beloved family member and an extended family rife with feuds, many involving my bf.  I stay out of all this - it's not my place and our cultures are so different that I can't even understand what the arguments are about half the time.  I think we all learn at some point that just as we have to accept out partners, we have to accept their family dynamics as well.  But it's damn hard to do that sometimes.

Anyway, a week of evenings to myself with a backlog of podcasts and a queue of audiobooks lined up, and I can see myself burning through most of those WIPs before he gets home.  Then what will I do?!

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  1. Beautiful WIPs, I especially love your crochet scarf! You new bag is definitely cute too :)

    All the best to your boyfriend. It must be stressful to have to deal with all that travel and feuding when going through such a sudden loss.