Thursday, February 10, 2011

FO: Pointelle Socks

Another Christmas present reached its recipient so I can talk about these socks now.

Pattern: Pointelle by CookieA
Yarn: Cascade Heritage
Needle: 2.5mm (2 circs)
My Rav project page.
When Cookie A's new sock book came out, I read a great review over at Knitspot and decided to buy the digital edition and see why everyone was so excited about her designs.

The book is really nice, and the patterns are extremely detailed and well-written.  This entire sock was charted, for example, which made it great fun to knit.  You may also notice that one sock is the mirror image of the other, which eliminated Second Sock Syndrome because you knit from a completely different chart.

 I had bought the yarn some time ago with the intention of knitting socks for my friend out of it; she used to wear this color often and generally looks amazing in blue.  I just noticed while writing this post that Cascade Heritage is the yarn used in the pattern -  so I followed the pattern exactly. I don't know if I've done that before!
 Anyway, I love this yarn, this is the second pair of socks I've knit with it.  If it came in semisolids I probably wouldn't buy any other yarn for wool socks.  It's a little cottony-feeling while knitting, but after a wash it's acceptably soft.  My previous pair went in the washer and dryer with all my other clothes and were just fine. Maybe not perfect condition, but certainly wearable.
I'm glad these found a happy home with my friend. There is nothing like spending time and effort to create something special for someone who really appreciates it!

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