Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slow, slow progress

Well, my knitting is in chaos right now. I've got WIPs out the wazoo and in disarray. By disarray I mean

And of course, there are a few things I am itching to cast on.

The project that I've been working on the last few days is the Hourglass socks that I've been plinking at for ages. I am on the toe decreases on the first sock, though, and that ups the excitement.

I might actually finish something soon! So what if it's just a single sock. Usually I'd rather knit my socks two-at-a-time, but knitting one-at-a-time at least there is a celebratable halfway point.

Once I finish this sock I will allow myself to cast on for a sweater, Mary Jane from Twist Collective (Rav). I've got a vest on the needles right now (I'll show that another day), but I have never knit a sweater before. I'm going to use Colourmart Merino DK, and I've already swatched:

I usually don't wear a lot of grey, but I think it will work well with the pattern. I'm not sure if the yarn is oiled or not (other Colourmart yarn is), but I washed the swatch in hot soapy water and it softened up considerably. Also, it didn't felt so I'm guessing it's oiled.

The light in my apartment is a little weird right now so I couldn't get good pics of my other WIPs, but let me introduce you to some of my cohabitants. This is Big Boy, a swiss cheese plant/ split leaf philodendron/ monstera that I have been keeping alive for about 6 or 7 years:

Maybe it's weird to name one's plants but Big Boy and I have been through a lot together. My other plants don't get names.
Like this little mini rose, a new addition to the household:

One of my plants died while I was gone so I got this cheery bush to replace it. I never have luck with rose bushes of any kind, so we'll see how long it lasts. If we make it to Valentine's day I'll be happy.

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