Monday, November 10, 2008

Boring FOs

I have actually been knitting quite a bit lately (for me), but I haven't felt like posting. Also, I haven't been taking good pictures lately. But today I am sick, and it looks like I will have plenty of time to stay home, drink tea, eat soup, and knit, so I better catch up before all that.

I've been a commitment-phobe lately with my projects so I have a bunch of things on the needles, but nothing really at an interesting phase yet.

For now, I will just show you my quick 'n easy FOs from the last couple weeks.

In the foreground is Turn a Square from Brooklyn Tweed (Rav). I used Noro Kureyon for the color-changing stripes and (I believe) Cascade 220 for the solid. The hat came out really big, probably because my gauge was off, but I like it that way. I can have my hair up and the hat still fits over it.

Faced with leftovers of both yarns, I decided to use them up by making a matching cowl. I cast on and knit stockinette until I ran out of Noro. I made the stripes a little wider on the cowl to better match the ratio of yarns left over (on the hat it's 3 rows of solid for every 2 rows of Noro; on the cowl I did 5 rows of solid to every 3 rows of Noro). Something I noticed on the hat, but moreso on the cowl, is that my jogless striping is very visible. I read that it would be a little noticeable, but when the cowl is flat you can see it pretty bad:

However, when it's on you can't really see it, and I will just chalk it up to being a novice at the jogless striping thing.
The cowl is humongous but it will keep me warm as I walk to and from school every day. I probably should have made it a little narrower, but it will still do the job.

Ever-so-fashionably. ;)

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