Monday, September 22, 2008

The sophomore effort is always the lamest.

Between moving, some minor personal catastrophes, and the crazy Ike leftovers that blew through here, it's been a while since my first post. Not a great way to start a blog. And like so many musicians, I feel that my second attempt is going to be less-than-stellar.

Anyway, the holiday gift knitting is well underway. I have 3 projects recently cast-on but they are all in their infancy. This year, I am under extra pressure to finish gifts up early since I'll be out of town for most of December. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. (Whatever, of course I did! Just like almost every other knitter in the 'verse.)

But, I finally finished these simple socks for the bf. The yarn is Regia Spirit Color, I used 2 skeins.

I'm not too sure I like the color combo, or the way the colors fell on the sock. But the bf really likes them and they fit his giganto feet so I guess they are a success. Of course he is out of town for the next week so I don't have a proper-sized foot to model them right now.

I used Wendy's basic toe-up pattern and Judy's magic cast-on. I tried out Elizabeth Zimmerman's stretchy bind-off, which I found here, and was pleased by the result. I love knitting socks toe-up. Something about watching the toe grow really tickles me. Plus I find it more fun to try on a little toe-let as I go than a little cuff-let.

So, off to prepare for the start of classes at my university. As a grad student I get to experience the "joys" of taking classes and also teaching freshmen. All this gift knitting will come in handy to deal with the stress!

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