Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Works in Progress

The last week or two I've lost the knitting mojo.  Work has been a bit overwhelming, and apparently my coping strategy is killing Raiders and Super Mutants - I've been playing a lot of Fallout3 lately. I keep a plain sock at my desk at work and plink away at it when I take a break to listen to the news, but that's about it.

I'm hoping the mojo comes back now, as I've got two sweaters I know I could finish soon.  One of them is entered as a WIP in the round of the Colourmart contest (rav) which starts today.

It's a silk top, untouched since the last Colourmart contest ended a couple months ago.  I had all manner of trouble adjusting the bust to fit my measurements but I think the rest of it should be smooth sailing.  (Famous last words?)  Anyway, I'm planning to pick it up again tonight, maybe it will work some magic on me and I'll knock it out in a couple weeks.

The other sweater I'm working on is the Lily sweater for my friend.

I am so almost to the armholes.  This is like the home stretch!

By the way I switched out one of the stitch markers for this adorable thing I got from home:

He (and his several brothers and maybe a few avian friends) were just too cute to resist.  I'm lucky I didn't have a whole damn menagerie waiting in my mom's mailbox!  There are a bunch more in the etsy shop I got them from.

Anyway, my main problem is that both of these projects are going to need sleeves soon, and both are on the same size needles. Since I only have so many 3.75 mm needles, I'm going to have to finish one before starting the sleeves on the other.  I've chosen to work on the silk top, so that I have a better chance of meeting the contest deadline.

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