Monday, June 21, 2010


I have a friend in town and the whole thing turned into a disaster - he broke his leg on the first day of a trip that was longer than I would have liked anyway.  He isn't exactly a gracious or easy houseguest and with his injuries, he's taken over my room (ie my home) so life has been stressful to the extreme. Sounds like a perfect time for knitting, right? Except I haven't had a moment to myself, or even a quiet moment, since he got here ten days ago. Ugh.

Perhaps it seems rude to be talking negatively about an injured friend, but believe me if you knew him you would understand. I think most of us have a friend like that, somebody about whom others always tell us, I don't know how you can be friends with that person, he/she is so ______. But whether it's logical or not we stay close with them. And he is one of the few people I have knit for, which is saying something. It's just that he's best ingested in doses of not more than two hours and I've been in near-constant contact for ten days.

Anyway, the Colourmart contest projects are too big to take on the train now so I got back to work on some socks lying around.

Everything was going great until I noticed I was one purl stitch short, and found the problem when I looked on the inside of the sock. A dropped stitch!

Usually I wouldn't fuss about a dropped stitch, I do it all the time, catch the mistakes and fix them no problem. But I don't think it's possible to correct this one without ripping because I dropped it as I was doing a cable - there's no spare yarn in the next row and furthermore I think I've got all the twisted knit stitches in the wrong place now.


Anyway, (knock on wood) at least I had some time waiting at the doctor's office to get some inches in on the Palindrome Scarf without any mistakes.


I'm thinking about hiding in the library tomorrow for "research" and knitting a bit on my lunch because I need a serious injection of sanity so I don't abandon my friend at the airport.

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